Hannover Expo 2000

Hannover Expo 2000
Pavilion of Turkey

Hannover Expo 2000 Turkish Pavilion is designed in such a way that Turkey’s contemporary outlook, which is based upon the country’s vast ancient heritage, can be reflected onto the visitor in a very short time. The building’s design principle is to create an image of Modern Turkey via simple and distinct architectural elements. Recent trends in the world prove an architectural concept that is mainly characterized by high technology, light and transparent construction techniques, natural materials, and transformable buildings. The very same philosophy has formed the basic design principle of the Turkish Pavilion. The building, in fact, is just a simple, transparent technological blanket that encapsulates the continuity in the Anatolian cultural heritage and symbolizes the ongoing journey from the traditional to the technological.

Expo 2000 Turkey Pavilion is conceived as a conceptual exhibition, which aims to reflect Turkey’s image in a “human” axis that both transverses and unites the elements of nature-technology, east-west and past-future. This ‘human’ axis will be perceived in a cosmogonies and mythological universe that is built up of elements like love, enthusiasm, passion, fate, eternity, spirituality, etc. throughout the exhibition. The whole Pavilion, in one sense, is contemplated as a conceptual map of intelligence and emotional universe of the Anatolian men.