as part of Interni House In Motion
16 - 22 April 2018

Milano, Italy

The installation by Istanbul based office Tabanlioglu Architects points out to the question “where is home?” in this age of rapid and continuous change; with reference to psychoanalyst D.W. Winnicott “Home is Where We Start from”. The answer to the question “Where are you from?” indicates that almost no one physically stays in the origin and people accept a different place as “home”, either permanently or as guests. The frame of the installation embodies the limits of the “house”, creating a sense of control, where the semi-transparent walls gradually introduces into the outer environment. Tubes around the platform form the edges of the abstract house. Establishing a sense of border, compilation of the rods grant an optical illusion beside depth and openness.  Founding a welcoming interior like a mother’s breasts, with the soft seating units, beyond the imaginary walls of the house, the structure becomes a shelter; developing self-interacts with the family and the larger society the “house”, with its simple form and minimalist design, ensures familiarity with compact neat details.

INTERNI, now in its 20th year (1998-2018) has been organizing the events under the guidance of Gilda Bojardi, during the ‘FuoriSalone’ in Milan. A lot more than a design ground, a global appointment that brands Milan unique and extraordinary,  il FuoriSalone is a socio-cultural experience, composed of hundreds of events and shows scattered all over the city. And INTERNIbrings together a series of experimental and interactive installations of architecture and design, the results of collaboration between outstanding international designers and leading companies, institutions and startups.