Travels and accumulated memories of the architect can be considered “state zero” of architecture, in the case of Tabanlioglu Architects, a tradition extending to Dr. Hayati Tabanlioglu.

Layout of the exhibition space will follow the scenography which reveals the dichotomy; a selection of TA_’s work across the globe, and at the backdrop, the architect’s collected images  from all around, all times and moods will come together to picture the inspiration.

Multiplicity of images of geographies, of architecture(s), of people and life will be re-visited through the lens of Murat Tabanlıoğlu. The influence of global architectural and urban works of today and the past, the patterns of life, nature, and man-made environment are the pieces of the travelogue.

Mutual interaction is inevitable. In this age of speed and communication, transitivity born out of interaction stands as a major consequence in architectural language as well, in a denaturalizing way or constructively.

The eye records and the architect diffuses the collected information and specific analysis in to the projects, like the bee “communicating” with the flower for co-evolution between the species.

Representing Tabanlıoğlu Architects’ projects at different stages,physical and abstract models, either formalor informal, will be a fragment of the exhibition align with the traveler’s images, which configures the stage zero, foundation of the architectural creation.