USABLE AREA_337,000 
YEAR : 2017

Set by the illustrative mountains, the project site’s backdrop is the triangular vision of the typical topography.

Basic decisions in developing the project have been integrating the design with natural landscape, and benefiting optimum natural daylight, while combating the climatic issues, like the wind.

Due to telescopic configuration, that is two -structurally dependent- high masses leaning against each other, with a void in between, interlinking at the top, which forms the triangular outline of the whole structure, each module receives optimum natural light at interiors in a controlled manner and the open panoramas granted to the most, where openness does not sacrifice privacy of individual units. Besides, the triangular figure of the structure breaks the monolithic sense of high-rises, so that the building becomes an elegant icon, and builds a visual harmony with the emblematic mountains of the city.

A balanced combination of solid and transparent façade is well preserved against sun beams and wind, and still open to the vistas. The use of solid material mimics the authentic sandy beige color of the vernacular stone facades.

Moreover, respecting the surrounding low-rises, the mega structure avoids creating a visual obstacle, by its positioning, form and the void left between the two structural bodies.