The project is composed of a Business Hotel and Expo Center which is following on the Complex with the DCC building.

The site, located in the city Dakar the capital of Senegal; 43km from the city center and 45km from the airport with excellent road connections, has the potential to become one of the city’s most significant destinations.

This region is a developing part of the city, in terms of architectural vocabulary and public functions housed in the new facilities, and it becomes a meeting place for citizens as well as visitors.

It is planned as an integrated Expo Center and Business Hotel Complex with a total closed area of 30.736m2+1032m² technical area, adjoining Dakar Diamniadio Congress Center Building, constructed in 2014.

The Complex includes an Expo Building with 20.380 m² (plus a 506m² technical building) closed area and a 152-room Business Hotel with 10.356m² closed area (plus an extra 526m² technical building).

All function zones are granted separate drop off points and Expo Center will also have another drop off point through the entrance of DCC building.

One of the major components of the complex is the Business Hotel with 152 rooms is located at the prolongation of the Expo Center.

In addition, the adjacent 1460m² plot is developed as a car park and also have a service area at the rear side of the hotel building.

With 136 standard rooms (32 m²), 4 suite rooms (64 m²), 11 junior suite rooms (48-58 m²), and 1 presidential suite room (220 m²), 152 rooms in total, the hotel has 5 floors above the high-ceiling ground floor and the mezzanine.

At the ground level; with a colonnaded entrance; a lobby, restaurant, bar, meeting rooms and business center are located for public use.

The restaurant and the bar section, allocated at the ground level, is integrated with the 400 m² outdoor deck area with a view. The bar, edged with a swimming pool and reflection pool at the hotel entrance, has a direct link to the hotel via an outdoor bridge at the ground level. Fitness Center and spa functions are located at the mezzanine floor.

Modulations of the elevation with generously proportioned openings on the facade grant views for all units. Both front and back facades of the building present vertical trails at diverse angles to screen strong light whilst side facades are solid for solar control.

Transparency, quality of light, easy-to-apply and healthy material, loyalty to existing patterns, local culture as well as adapting global methods and technology are the basic references. And of course we should respect resources in all terms, nature being the major concern.

Authentic, meaningful, and engaging being the main concerns together with the themes energy efficiency and sustainability, the principal aim is to foresee the development as part of the surrounding environment and culture in an innovative and exciting way. The sprouting complex represent the essence and the will of the powerful the city, alongside the origins of Dakar.