Close to İzmir and being one of the major destinations for surfing the land is easily accessible from the sea and by land routes. Integrated with the nature timidly and aiming to welcome the sun and the breeze in a controlled attitude in the units, especially during hot summer days, a mixture of open, semi-open and closed areas are designed. Aegean stone walls starting at the garden as a part of the landscape become an integral of the interior in continuity.  Similarly, the green roofs are designed to be an elongation of the natural topography benefiting the existing slope and terraces of the land. One storey bungalows scattered over the land supporting the holistic texture; using the advantage of the slope, the blocks are embedded in the terrain rising to the surface quietly to capture the sea view, giving the impression of a turtle peeping through its shell. In the same manner, the main hotel building consists of one basement and 2 floors above the ground, housing a conference center, a library, two restaurants and a spa, as well. The principal of the project has been to establish the architectural tectonics of the buildings.