CLIENT_ kosovo sports authority




construction AREA_   170.186 m²

According to the UNDP UNDP reports, Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe: Over half of its people are under the age of 25, and about 21 percent of population of Kosovo is between the ages of 15 and 25. The dynamic and young population creates strong demand for sports, recreation and social events. The New National Stadium is seen as an urgent need in the field of football as also the national team is getting more and more successful. Reflecting the contemporary identity of Kosovo, the structure will be align with FIFA and UEFA tournaments standards, whilst the stadium will bring people together, as Kosovo recently emerged from a civil war, interaction between peoples is important. The population consists of 85-90% Albanian, 3-4% Serb, 3-4% other people. Prioritizing a friendly and lively audience experience, as a necessity for international matches 30,000 seating capacity is planned. The two tiered stadium, with 18 stands on each floor, designed to optimize viewing angle values.

Where the vast majority of its land is mountainous terrain, the stadium in Drenas, Kosovo will not only serve football, but the venue will also be of vital importance for various events and public organizations. In the masterplan design, the hotel, along with functions such as shopping and F & B etc., will create a continuous demand for the complex. Accordingly, trade and commercial activity will be born on this occasion, stimulating and integrating with neighboring industrial zones.

The linear green belt that surrounding the stadium is not only an open-air urban park where events, concerts, markets and fairs can be held, but also designed as a security zone between the nearby buildings and the stadium during the match days.

The façade of the stadium is shielded by a flexible textile material in harmony with the natural park adjoining this large structure, thus visually splitting the large scale and mass of the stadium, so that the structure behaves as a thin curtain between the greensward and the sky.

Close to the Pristina International Airport, Kosovo National Stadium complex is planned to be a destination for visitors, besides the  days,  for shopping, cultural, sports, entertainment and entertainment facilities, as well.