Verra Suites

USABLE AREA_11.200m²

The main idea of ​​Verra Suites Beykoz is that each house is unique to its owner’s lifestyle, with different plans and features. In order for each of the residences to have a wide panorama of the Bosphorus and the adjacent forest, the blocks are placed on the land at the axes that will provide the most dominant angles for the views. All units are planned according to day-intensive and night-intensive use of functions, with an approach that interior space open to landscape and nature. A dynamic facade is achieved as an architectural reflection of the interior design and thanks to the association of terraces and balconies at different points.

Beykoz, with its sea, streams, recreation areas and forests, has become one of the favorite places of the ruling class, especially the Sultans, due to the suitability of hunting areas during the Ottoman period.

The residential project, located on the hills of Beykoz, a traditional district at the point where the Bosphorus connects to the Black Sea, is designed as two 5.5-storey buildings on a 3500 m² plot.

It consists of 26 independent units in various sizes ranging from 100-270 m2 and where different types of housing alternatives from 2 + 1 to 4.5 + 1 are solved together.

The main idea of ​​Verra Suites, in which each house is unique to the life style of the user granting different plans and features, is that all apartments gain Bosphorus and forest views at the widest angles. For this reason, the buildings are placed on such angles that would provide the best sights for each unit.

The project, in which simplicity and transparency were adopted as the architectural language, rich, flexible alternatives and original solutions developed, especially for interior spaces.

The dynamic facade is obtained as the architectural reflection of the varying interior settings. The thorough simplicity in the choice of materials in the exterior facade, which has a defined and unique appearance, is balanced with the building aesthetics, thanks to the wide windows that are directed to the landscape, and depending on the location of the apartments, the open air / landscape spaces such as terraces and balconies that can be evaluated individually. With the understanding of a space that is in touch with nature, benefiting from the view and daylight at the highest value, all residential units are planned according to day-intensive and night-intensive use of functions. While a wider view is provided in common living spaces such as living and dining rooms, bedrooms, which require less light but more privacy, are handled with a more introverted approach. In line with the decision of positioning in accordance with the space functions, wet areas are placed at the intersection of the blocks.

As an essential part of every residence, the terraces, which are considered as the extension of the interior spaces, are planned in such a way that they can be opened completely in accordance with the desire of the user and the climatic conditions, so that joining the terrace, the living spaces can turn into a very large reception area.

In the project, where the visual and physical continuity of the apartments are ensured, the landscape is considered as a fundamental element optimizing the interior-exterior integrity, as well as space-life relations.

The residential building is located in the district where access to the Bosphorus Bridges, especially the FSM entrance, which provides the best feasible connection to Europe from the Anatolian side, yet, away from the constraints of the hectic urban life, granting especially the good neighborhood living, alongside the Bosphorus; the best atmosphere of the Bosphorus as a peaceful “home”, not only an apartment.